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The World Waits for no one in particular

The World will not wait for us to create, the world will not magically create for us. Ideas ruminating in our heads are merely that, ideas. The work is in the work, the hours spent editing and recording and rehearsing and doubting. Stay true to your ideas and let them develop in the process of the work. Tell me your idea, show me the work. I have to remind myself of this. A mentor once told me I was lazy and yes, she was right, Lazy is the propensity to think creative ideas are enough. They are not. They are nothing but beautiful floaters, they are nothing until you do the work. We can encourage and feed off one another, helping each other to do the work.

Circular Breathing

After isolation, the breath of escape is welcoming. Returning to laughing in public, sipping tea, sharing moments in cafes and places of comfort, I am joyous. I have missed it so.

Today five of my friends have tested positive. The breath of escape turns into gasps of fear. It’s near to me, circling me. I return to the solitude of the forest. Entering the woods, the trees and mossy over hangs envelop me and remind me to breathe. Circular breathing. Releasing and envisioning a healthy world.


Things are spiraling — events, feelings, reactions, relationships — above and beyond, spiraling in an out of our control. Making sense of the modern and sometimes not so modern world is a writer’s job. Sitting on pen and paper is not acceptable, I have to write, comment and attempt to make sense, or not, of this ever spiraling world. Sounds like gibberish doesn’t it? Hence the title, wtf.


Often we have experiences or memories that are difficult to relive, to rewind and review. Adding Myth to such a memory can be a rewarding and releasing way to tap into the depths of a painful or difficult occurrence. Why not try adding a witch or an ancient god to a story and see how it plays out? Let me know what you come up with!

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