NOTE TO FRIENDS: Buy This Book!! From our own amazing Cris Coffing, within whom the Heart of Arts beats in Snoqualmie…….…. What an AMAZING book!! I dug every word! I am a life-long, hardcore reader….and this book blew my socks off! I couldn’t put it down!! I am so impressed and tickled with the complexity and intimacy of her characters…the sense of place…the pictures she paints…I feel like I know these characters personally! And her fresh and honest outlook, the magical energy that is Cris, is clear on every page. I dreaded reaching the end! I am going to share this book with our Seattle School District librarian at Juvie. The youth will love it! As will any age!! Congratulations on time well spent Cris! You’ve made a beautiful baby!!

Jane Storrs

RN /King County Juvenile Detention Center

Published by ccoffingwrites

Making sense of the senseless for my own senses.

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