Changes in Snoqualmie Valley

My word for the New Year is JUSTICE. I watch injustice daily, a “lie to your face” form of injustice that hurts people and the planet. Lies that support the justification for the desecration of the wildlife and state of life that people deserve. The constitution states that the government is to promote the “general welfare” of the people. I do not feel this happening at this time, so, henceforth, my word of the New Year. Rise up and fight for justice, for the welfare of the people, of all people. Fight for justice, for the voice of the voiceless; the deer, the elk, the birds and the fish, that depend upon us to speak for them. Fight for the trees, if nothing else, fight for the trees and speak for the river. There I am back to the river, the life force that gave birth to us. Justice.

Published by ccoffingwrites

Making sense of the senseless for my own senses.

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